Mutual Trust
Transparency, honesty, fairness and consistency.

We are aware that without unity and cooperation there will be no success and strength.

With humanitarian values always of top priority, establishing truest commutation, sharing accurately the correct information with and act fair and consistent to our customers and all employees.

Desiring change, innovation, result oriented

Instead of usual working methods, to always be researchers with understanding of change, renewal and advancement, to acquire opportunities fast and determined for developing products, processes and operations that will carry the institution one step ahead of its competition, to show resolution and courage of performing works differently.

Responsibility, Taking Initiative

To embrace the past, present and future of the institution, via undertaking all responsibilities coming with the duty taking initiative in necessary situations, to commit to results of the decisions and to do one’s part for better

Social Sensitivity, Social Respect

Acting in line with the ethical rules of the institution and the sector, to be trustworthy, honest and consistent against the whole society, inform accurately and create awareness in public regarding products and activities.