UTM Agriculture Machinery Quality Principle

To provide customers products over national and international standards and customer expectations.

UTM Agriculture Machinery Corp. Quality Management System is working in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System requirements.

Our aim in all of our activities is to increase the customer satisfaction towards our products and services.

In this regard Our Quality Policy;

  • To work with the awareness and responsibility of adding value to country economy, in leadership of our management to provide our customers the product and service that will ensure best benefit.
  • Forming proper environments to our employees to support them in developing and renewing themselves continuously.

Continuous development and improvement is our company culture and Quality is under responsibility of all employees.

It is one of the basic principles to improve the work ethics and abilities of our employees  via trainings we provide to them.

Our management commits to provide all resources needed for the operation of our Quality Management System.

Environment Policy

UTM Agriculture Machinery family sees the environment as a valuable treasure and operates in awareness that the environment should be protected in best in order all the humans of the world to benefit from it in the future.

In UTM, besides innovative, quality above international standards production, we deem protection of the environment as an inseparable part of our work.

In this scope;

*Compliance with Legal and Other Terms

 In order to fulfill the expectations of our customers, employees and society affected from our activities, to monitor the law and other terms established in this regard and comply with them.

*Participation of the Employees

 Via increasing awareness with trainings, to increase sensitivity of our employees, to provide participation of the employees by this for our activities to be more successful. To ensure that this awareness spreads via our employees.

*Efficient Use of Natural Resources

 By reducing usage of the electricity, water, fuel like sources we used, to provide energy saving, to decrease waste and turnover thus provide efficient usage of natural resources.

*Decreasing Environmental Pollution

 In new investments and projects, to use technologies that do not harm the environment as much the technical, economic and commercial possibilities let us and by improving the current structure as much as possible to minimize the environmental damage. Regarding all our current processes to develop production methods and waste management that do not harm the environment.

*Continuous Development

 In the scope of legislation and legal regulations, also with participation of our employees, by following the targets established for efficient usage of the natural resources and reducing environmental pollution, to create continuous development. UTM family commits to determine, identify the important environmental dimensions of the activities and regarding these effects by defining aims and targets to establish and operate ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Protecting and improvement of environment is the duty of all our employees in UTM Agriculture Machinery Corp.