As UTM Agriculture Machinery Corp, it is our basic principle to determine necessary actions for possible risks due to our activities and services and ensure their application, thus to protect in utmost level the safety and health of our visitors, suppliers, neighbor community, customers and employees.

In this scope It is the duty of all employees of UTM Agriculture Machinery Corp. to

  • Follow up the legislation and other requirements in force regarding the work health and safety and comply with them
  • Determine WHS targets and goals, to establish management program for important risks and continuously improve WHS performance
  • Evaluate risks and thus take under control any elements that may cause work accidents and occupational illnesses and to realize necessary actions that will prevent reoccurance
  • In cooperation with official authorities, related institutions, customers and suppliers, try to raise our WHS standards
  • For increasing Work Health and Safety awareness to higher level throughout the institution, plan educations and ensure sustainability
  • Protect health and safety of all our employees, employees of sub employers we take services from and our visitors, to give WHS on the job educations and periodical trainings to ensure this and to notify regarding UTM work safety general rules

To ensure that our WHS policy reaches all related parties.